Posted by: Peter Black | April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day! Visualize Solutions with a Green Economy Map

For anyone who reads the newspaper, blogs, or watches television, you know that news about Green Collar Jobs has become mainstream.

Obama, Clinton, and McCain are espousing how the green economy is going to fundamentally change America towards a greener, cleaner, and more secure future. So I felt it would be cool to see where things are happening on the solution front. Now this map is a work in progress: I’m pulling geo located rss feeds from a variety of sources on the web and throwing them all together in a yahoo pipe. There is much refining to be done and a lot more that could be added, but hey, its Earth Day, and I wanted this to get out there.

Map of News Feeds and YouTube videos related to the green economy

For the record, most of the sources come from the back of Miriam Horn and Fred Krupp’s new book Earth: The Sequel where they list a bunch of blogs and websites they used as references.

and here’s an excellent earth day video to cap it off…



  1. Today I saw a spot on the Today Show regarding the capture of methane from cow manure. The Joseph Gallo farm in the central valley of California is utilizing it with amazing results. There are a lot of cows in this country and subsequently a lot of cow poop! The methane from the manure, if left untapped, contributes greatly to carbon in the air. What a simple, great idea…to use what is already there to power homes, farms, buldings, ect!

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