Posted by: Peter Black | April 28, 2008

Carbon Dioxide Emissions by County

This recently created map’s source is the Vulcan Project, a wonderful and insightful scientific inquiry into the spatial patterns of co2 pollution in the United States. I took their excel summary by county, feeling it would be sufficient to drum up an interesting mashup. On top of it I put the point sources (mostly power plants) that I got from the EIA. And then of course the congressional districts. Zoom in on the map and you can see who’s district you’re looking at.

There’s lots of potential ways to classify this data. I debated about showing a per capita map. If there’s enough interest I’ll add it. But for now, raw totals for county should be ok. As always, these maps work best in firefox.

co2 emissions county level



  1. Travelling all around Lake Taho this past week, it was hard to imagine the impact of CO2 emissions. When I looked at your map, I saw that emissions were just as high at 7000 feet as they are at sea level. We’d better do something fast. I am glad we got to see this beautiful alpine lake as it is today. I worry about the future.

  2. The emissions have nothing to do with altitude. More likely, it has to do with human behavior in the tahoe area: burning wood during the winter and driving SUVs around the lake.

    Lake Tahoe’s level is predicted to drop. That has to do with climate change and water usage. The climate change aspect of that is that the area is predicted to be warmer, reducing the snowpack and thus the input into the Tahoe basin. Also, there will be more evaporation off the lake. Perhaps in a hundred years current lakefront property won’t be so lakefront anymore. It will be an interesting zoning board battle when that comes to pass…

  3. […] a per capita map of fossil fuel based carbon dioxide emissions for the US as a follow up to a previous post that showed total carbon dioxide emissions per […]

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