Posted by: Peter Black | May 16, 2008

Doing Something About It

This map is part of the ‘Solutions’ category of the ClimateAtlas. It is a map that will change through time as edits become necessary. Hopefully we can even get a ‘what are you doing to reduce your carbon?’ map up here.  As of right now, I have regional climate initiatives, clean car standard states, and world cities pledging to cut their greenhouse gases, as well as a news feed from the Pew climate center…an authority on what’s going on and who’s doing something about it…
doing something about it


  1. How about stooping the use of 2 cycle engines. Each one equates to 80 cars on the road. Palo Alto has banned them. our neighbors cannot seem to stop using them. Oh yeah, one of the neighbors works for FEMA….

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