Posted by: Peter Black | May 21, 2008

Cape Cod becomes two islands in a 3.5m Sea Level Rise…Wicked Pissah!

I grew up in New England. I still love the Sox, the Pats, and am rooting for the Celtics to be the first team in NBA history to go 16-0 at home and 0-12 away. So making and exploring this map has a certain emotional potency. I spent some time in Martha’s Vineyard. Time on the cape. Both are highly vulnerable to sea level rise and of course storm surge. None of this is really news, except I didn’t know that Fenway Park could be like San Francisco’s AT&T park in a 3.5 meter rise: the water will literally be on Landsdowne St.

This data comes from the US EPA. While the data doesn’t have quite the resolution of some of the other sea level rise maps I’ve made, the data has been verified by the government, and covers the entire US coast. The scale the data is appropriate for is approx 1:250,000.



  1. How about Homestead Street, Roxbury? Three blocks below Franklin Park?
    Harvard gone? OMG, what about Regina’s?

  2. if there’s any motivation for climate action, it is the fact that Regina’s Pizzeria, in Boston’s North End, will be inundated by the sea in a 3.5M sea level rise. That is plainly unacceptable.

    Homestead Street looks fine…

  3. 3.5 m (title) or 3.5 ft (post)? Not that it matters, it would make a mess regardless.

  4. 3.5 meters. Nice find…I fixed it.

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