Posted by: Peter Black | June 24, 2008

Glacier before and after pics….Hot or Not?

The National Snow and Ice Data Center released a set of pictures of glaciers taken roughly at the same exact location as pics from 30 years ago or more (many pics were taken in the early 20th century). This wonderful visual database contains over 88 side to side pictures. I’ve set a few of them up so that you can simply click on a red icon in google maps and see for yourself. Give the pics a few seconds to download…

With renewed warnings from top government scientists, information like this seems to be of crucial import. The shifting baselines phenomenon is something that becomes more avoidable as time and technology march on. Hooray for documentation!




  1. What is it that people do not understand about global warming? These pictures alone tell a huge story.

  2. Some show glaciers growing. On par though, it is clear that they are disappearing. And it is a worldwide phenomenon. This blog shows a very small sample size however. I wish there were more glaciers from various regions to show on the map.

  3. I am traveling to Glacier National Park. I will try to capture some glacier pictures that you might be able to match up with some old shots.

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