Posted by: Peter Black | August 11, 2008

A National Wind Power Map that you can Download and Print


AWS Truewind was kind enough to send this map to upon request.

I’m working on finding the transmission line maps, which may be proprietary as well, but hopefully just as pretty as this map, which confirms that massive wind based energy resources in the great plains.



  1. Well, T. Boone Pickens has it right, then. What a wind tunnel! Now we need a Manhattan Project to get us off the oil entirely.

  2. The saying goes, “if you like wind energy, you’d better love transmission”. And it is true: without the transmission lines from the best wind areas to the rest of the country the energy source is wasted. But we hear almost every day about some billion dollar investment major companies are making to install the lines:

    There are major hurdles to jump when installing transmission, not the least of which is establishing right of ways for the lines.

  3. Thank you for this information. Funny how the idea seems somewhat simple but the issues are much much deeper. We do need to do something. Fast.

  4. Various windy stuff here.

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