Posted by: Peter Black | August 19, 2008

Google Investing in Geothermal


“While the US debates drilling in the ocean for oil, we are focused on drilling for renewable energy – and lots of it – right beneath our feet.” – Google Press Release, 08/19/08

So Google has taken the plunge towards making enhanced geothermal energy closer to a viable reality. 10 million isn’t really all that much, but it is a start.

Last month, I blogged about the renewable resource beneath our feet: more than 100 gigawatts. Have a look again at this interactive map and see where companies in the future might be placing EGS plants.



  1. Google has made their version of this map in google earth:

  2. Google is making a good investment for the future. Can you give us some hurricane maps? I have put some information on emergency preparation on my blog and have directed people to visit your blog with the hope that there might be some hurricane information coming. ‘Tis the season.

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