Posted by: Peter Black | August 19, 2008

The Year is 2100… Will You Be Wetter Or Drier?

World Precipitation Change By The End of the 21st Century


The latest maps and models for precipitation are out, and the map is pretty startling. If you take yesterday’s agriculture map and placed it next to this one you’d clearly see a pattern emerging:most equitorial and subtropical areas will be getting drier as the 21st century moves along.

Specifically, the map predicts that most of Africa (with the exception of upland Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania) will become much drier…especially the Sahel.

Most of eastern Brazil will become drier…not good news for much of that country’s agriculture.

Australia will become intensely drier, as will most of India.

Southern Europe and the Mediterranean will be a hot spot.

In the US, the high plains could revert to dust bowl status with a large drop in precipitation. The southwest becomes drier. All of which is good news for solar energy installations, but not so hot for much of society’s needs.

As always with predictions, they must come with a grain of salt. No computer model is flawless. But enough runs have been made now that the predictions are lining up with some consistency.


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