Posted by: Peter Black | August 27, 2008

Florida's Storm Surge Risk

Florida is uniquely positioned in our country to bear the brunt of tropical storm tracks. As such, people who live there should understand the risk that these storms pose to their homes and businesses. This interactive map (go ahead and pan and zoom around) shows the storm surge data down to a highly detailed level.




  1. These are very interesting maps. They show me that many of us are willing to take huge risks to live in a desirable area. I love the ocean. Would I really want to risk having a house in say, Homestead, Florida? I am really not sure, but I think not.
    My mother, at age 80+, was evacuated from her home near Hilton Head, NC so many times that she moved to inland Virginia.
    That being said, I live in the SF Bay area. It behooves me to make sure my skills and go bags are prepared. How will I respond?

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