Posted by: Peter Black | September 15, 2008

Ike's Aftermath

Houston after Ike

The Houston Chronicle has published an excellent interactive storm damage map that allows citizen journalists to map what they see in terms of damage. Thankfully, the loss of human life is small so far, but much of Galveston hasn’t been searched yet.

The New York Times has also created an interactive map that shows pictures of the damage, as well as the area of the worst storm surge in the area.

The Boston Globe has added some incredible pictures of Ike’s aftermath.



  1. I am disturbed by the fact that those who chose not to follow the mandatory evacuation are the ones who are costing the taxpayers plenty, and risking the lives of the Emergency Response Teams who must now go out and search for them. Here is a good article about that. Am I callous?

  2. Part of the reason I publish these maps is to help inform people about the growing risks global warming poses to their existence. However, not everyone is online, and some people, for whatever reason, can not or will not leave when the risks posed to them are high. That is outside of this blog’s focus however…

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