Posted by: Peter Black | September 29, 2008

Walk the walk: directions for walkers and public transit now available in google maps

My friend Pamela Fox, who is a lead mapping programmer over at Google, blogged last week about a new interface for google maps, where you can specify your chosen mode of transportation: for their directions engine.

This is a result of people like you and me asking Google to step up and walk the walk with their sustainability initiatives.

Can you think of any cool ways to use this new service? Feel free to let me know about it!



  1. This is an excellent idea for those of us who do not own a car. I will check these maps when I am headed out.
    I have also read about the Culture Bus in San Francisco which runs to the various museums and sites in the city.
    It runs on biofuel and will help me get from place to place easily.

  2. It would be great if subway lines could be incorporated into these directions. I always have trouble with my orientation after I come out of a subway station šŸ˜›

  3. Greenliving,

    Subway lines are incorporated into their mapping system now. I checked the directions from where I live in SF to my office downtown, and it was accurate.


  4. I think it would also be a good idea to incorporate running routes in these maps. Many people visit cities and like to know the best places to run.

  5. Even just showing the Metro/Subway/T stations on the maps is helpful, and it drives me crazy when they don’t even show up! (I don’t think I’ve used Google maps since they added this feature, though.)

  6. Kira, I was thinking more along the lines of creating an application utilizing these new tools that could actually help people use public transit, bike, and walk, more effectively.

    For example, here in SF, we have a lot of hills. Biking around town is often hampered by these hills (at least for those of us non triatheletes!). Wouldn’t it be cool to integrate the biking feature in google maps with a tool that selects the least amount of elevation gain?

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