Posted by: Peter Black | November 17, 2008

Here Come Those Santa Ana Winds Again…

and to paraphrase Donald Fagan of the legendary jazz/rock/fusion band Steely Dan, that’s bad news. And so it has been this year in California. Over the warm, windy weekend, which I felt up in northern Sonoma County, fires erupted in Southern California affecting tens of thousands of people and destroying about 900 homes so far.

Fortunately, the web has some excellent tools for those who need to track these fires. There are a plethora of static and interactive maps available from the US Forest Service Remote Sensing Application Center, with links to google earth files for those who’d like to see the active fire perimeters in 3D.



  1. Fire is scary. I was in Ventura Oct. 19th and the Santa Ana winds kicked up. The winds were very strong and very hot. The temperature at the beach was 90. In Ojai it was 102. Planning to see a film in downtown Ventura, I looked up the hill and saw dark, black smoke. It was 1 mile from were I was.
    I decided to evacuate prior to being told to.

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