Posted by: Peter Black | November 18, 2008

The Geography of Melting

Last Month’s Atlantic Monthly Magazine had an eye-opening map and article related to what’s going on in the Arctic. Instead of focusing solely on melting ice caps and struggling polar bears, the article demonstrated what the geo-political consequences are in the region due to global warming. One of the consequences has been the permanent opening for the legendary Northwest Passage.



  1. Venice, Italy is flooded.

  2. Venice is obviously highly vulnerable to sea level rise and flooding, but the city is no stranger to flood events. This past week’s storm in Central Europe pushed winds from south to north in the Adriatic Sea. These winds pushed the sea water north directly towards Venice and caused the flooding.

    Joe Romm discusses the details on his Climate Progress Blog:

  3. Joe Romm and his contributors are very,very pessimistic. It must be time to visit Venice and any other seaside city before it floats away. The comments about the estuaries were very informative and pessimistic as well. Thank you for this information. You do a great service.

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