Posted by: Peter Black | December 17, 2008

Global CO2 Emissions by Country, 2007

Global CO2 Emissions by Country, 2007

Map 1 (Interactive):
Global CO2 Emissions, 2007

Global CO2

I had so much fun creating the interactive map for U.S. Counties yesterday, that I created one for the entire world today. Same colors, format..same everything.

I didn’t know that Australia led the world in per capita CO2 emissions. What else is interesting on this map? Can we do projections? Yup…that’s coming soon!!! Promise!



  1. Peter – thanks for your response on the carma data. I tried to email you directly, but can’t find your address. My email is simonf theatsign simonf d com.

  2. Found the maps very interesting. Keep me on your list. Paul

  3. This is fascinating, and it makes me wonder about CO2 emissions by population. You mention Australia leads in emissions per capita. Thank you for doing this work!

  4. Great interactive map! Thank you.

  5. Thanks! Check out the new map with just released today, showing two projections of carbon dioxide emissions in the future.

  6. […]… projections of CO2 production coming soon. From Environmental Defense… article about rate of […]

  7. Questions /comments: are these estimates of CO2 per se, or expressions of CO2 equivalents? I am curious whether whether methane emissions are included such as emitted by ruminants, termites, rice paddies, arctic bogs and permafrost melts.
    It would also be informative to show countries contribution to C02 (equivalent) emissions over a certain time span, say since 1960. However the trends and estimated amounts of methane emissions are of greatest interest; the concern is of course a run-away or out of control global climate change.

    Karl, the map shows the CO2 emissions from fossil fuel burning only. Check out our new map:

    it shows the projected pattern from 2008-2050 in two scenarios


  8. The data comes from for those who have questions about how the underlying CO2 data was produced

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