Posted by: Peter Black | February 27, 2009

1,200 Green Companies in 12 States



That’s the word Steve Cochran, director of EDF’s national climate campaign, used to describe our effort to show the nation that thousands of companies across the U.S. are already fully engaged in the “green economy”. Our director of sustainable technologies, Jackie Roberts asked a pertinent question in a blog post last July:

How can we concretely describe the economic opportunity of a low-carbon economy?

Our new set of maps, released today, which shows 1,200 companies in 12 states via the interactive maps, takes the logical step of begging to answer Jackie’s question. Now, Jackie says:

These maps tell the story of companies across the manufacturing heartland that will get new customers and create jobs with cap and trade

Does the green economy affect you and your livelihood? Can we do a better job with the maps? Missing your company? Let us know!

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