Posted by: Peter Black | May 11, 2009

Scientists Map Climate and Other Human Impacts to the West Coast

Check out this study from the National Science Foundation.

I found it interesting to read the conclusions:

“Ocean management needs to move beyond single-sector management and towards comprehensive ecosystem-based management if it is to be effective at protecting and sustaining ocean health.

“Also, the global results for this region were highly correlated with the regional results, suggesting that the global results can provide valuable guidance for regional efforts around the world.”

On part 1, EDF’s Oceans Program has been working towards that for a long, long time.

Part 2 interests me since they probably used some of the same spatial data I used to make the maps of potential global temperatures in 2100 more than a year ago…

I’m glad that the NSF is embracing GIS technology as a means towards picking out the hotspots where we need to focus our energies.


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