Posted by: Peter Black | May 20, 2009

British Medical Journal: Climate Change will Affect Billions


This is a cartogram that speaks volumes.

The lead author of the report states:

The big message of this report is that climate change is a health issue affecting billions of people, not just an environmental issue about polar bears and deforestation.

But the deeper message, as the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein reported in his blog the other day, is that while America leads the world in per capita co2 emissions, the burden of climate change will fall on the global south. Not a pretty scenario.

This might be the best graphic I’ve seen that encapsulates the drivers behind climate change and the predicted mortality that could come.



  1. These maps are beyond terrifying. We can only hope that everyone wakes up and takes notice. I fear that will not happen. The Lancet is one of the most, if not the most, respected medical journal in the world.

  2. Inserting morality into the climate change picture humanizes the issue. The entire reason I created the Climateatlas was to somehow bring the entire topic of climate change into better focus. Maps are one of the finest communication tools to do that.

  3. […] awareness and perception. As far as communication devices go, maps are pretty killer. Take the cartogram I posted a couple of weeks ago. How long did it take you to understand the two relatively complex […]

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