Posted by: Peter Black | June 4, 2009

Back Where We Started…

…and he we go round and round.

Damn I love the Kinks.

The big news for me is that I’m no longer employed by the Environmental Defense Fund. My time there was excellent, and they are a fabulous organization doing all it can to pass comprehensive climate legislation. The Climateatlas was conceived in part to help with that specific cause, and now that I’m no longer with the company, some of you might be wondering what that may mean for this blog.

I have always felt, and continue to feel that the climate change issue is too large for most of us to perceive. The role of a geographer/geo geek like me who has invested significant time and energy into this issue is to help catalog spatial information pertinent to the issue, thereby helping to strengthen awareness and perception. As far as communication devices go, maps are pretty killer. Take the cartogram I posted a couple of weeks ago. How long did it take you to understand the two relatively complex issues it demonstrates? Not long I’ll bet.

That’s why I’ll continue to update the Climateatlas when I can (while I’m looking for new gigs and what’s next for me career-wise). I’ll keep tabs on the climate change world and will post cool maps from around the web, the blogosphere, as well as content I create myself.

Thank you for supporting my work, and I hope you keep reading this blog!

– Peter



  1. Peter,
    The cartogram image is not showing up. I thought you’d want to know.
    Thanks for all of your work, and I will definitely keep reading!


    • huh that’s odd. I see it perfectly well. What browser are you using Alysha? Anyone else having trouble with this?

      • I don’t see it either!

      • I could see the cartogram in IE7 as well as chrome. Are you using firefox?

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