Peter Black

2230 Hopkins Ave

Redwood City, CA. 94062

(510) 316-2642


Accomplished GIS Application Developer seeks to empower organizations by creating easy to use interfaces, automated analytical tools, project management, and effective cartographic communication, online or offline.


Manager of Geospatial Information, Environmental Defense Fund 1998-June 2009

Grew EDF’s knowledge and capability of geographic tools from the ground up

Implemented and managed an enterprise GIS system

Created hundreds of GIS deliverables for specific place based projects

Designed hundreds of static and interactive maps for external communication

Advised upper management on policy issues relating to conservation based projects

Spearheaded the organization’s strategy for the use of GIS as an environmental advocacy tool

Authored and published reports and results of analyses

Freelance 1996- 2000

Created a community GIS system for the Mission Economic Development Association. The system integrated aerial photography, parcel line boundaries, and the most current information available about land use and business data, and is used to share information about available rental and for sale properties.

Developed a set of maps for the California Center for Environmental Health (CCEH) that showed tobacco billboards within 1,000 feet of parks, schools, and playgrounds in the Bay Area which were in violation of state law. The CCEH settled out of court with the billboard companies who agreed to donate $150 million of advertising space to anti-tobacco messages.

Created a set of maps for the American Farmland Trust that demonstrated agricultural areas at risk to urbanization in Monterrey, Fresno, and Madera Counties.

Specific Skills

Ten years of hands on analytic GIS experience, specializing in ESRI’s ArcGIS 9.3. Proficient in Google Maps API, javascript, (x)html, css, php, mySQL, open source geo tools such as postGIS.


BA, Geography, University of Oregon, 1996. Magna Cum Laude


Climateatlas: a unique blog based collection of climate change maps and graphics, over 1,000 visitors monthly.

Less Carbon More Jobs: an interactive mapping website showing the location of green economy jobs in several states throughout the green supply chain. Designed for use by U.S. Congress and staff, seen by Vice President Joseph Biden.

Global CO2 emissions interactive map: designed in Flash.

“Using GIS to Elicit and Apply Local Knowledge to Ocean Conservation”, with R.Fujita and K.Bonzon, appearing in Place Matters: Geospatial Tools for Marine Science, Conservation, and Management in the Pacific Northwest, 2005

“Ecotrust’s use of Oceanmap” appearing in An Inventory of GIS Based Decision Support Tools for MPAs, 2004

“Gulf of the Farallones and Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuaries Boundary Modification and Protection Act”, July 2005, map appearing in several newspapers and online, and designed for Representative Lynn Woolsey presentation to the U.S. Congress:

“Resistant Bugs and Antibiotic Drugs” with K. Florini, R.Denison, T. Fitzgerald, R.Goldberg, June 2005

“Connecticut Highway Corridor Health Study” CT. Fund for the Environment, Environmental Defense, 2004

“Smaller, Closer, Dirtier: Diesel Backup Generators in California” with N.Ryan, K. Larsen, 2002



  1. Hey Peter! This is unrelated to a job. Sorry! So I’m a climate change intern for Oceana, and I’m trying to find an excel spreadsheet of some sort that lists the most recent carbon emissions by country. I know you have that awesome interactive map, but I really need a list. Do you mind if I ask where you got your information? I’m having a hard time finding anything past 2006. Thanks!


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