Posted by: Peter Black | March 23, 2009

Backyard Climate Change

An estimated 82 million Americans, including yours truly, have some sort of a garden in their yard. That number is probably increasing due to the recent economic situation and a re-trend towards victory gardens. So all of you out there who are into gardening stay tuned: The USDA is releasing a new plant hardiness zone map which will help everyday gardeners choose which plants to grow. The map will also illuminate the tangible changes in vegetation regimes since the last map was produced in 1990.

I’m sure geography geeks like me will, ahem, eat this one up…



  1. What a great idea. This year we have joined with friends to plant a community garden. There are so many ways to garden. I hope that city dwellers will begin to garden on their roofs! Nothing tastes better than home grown vegetables sans pesticides! And no use of fuel to get your vegetables to your table.
    I’d like to put in a plug for the Lamorinda Earth Day Event, April 19th at the Stanley Middle School, Lafayette, CA. We will have lots of gardening information there as well as over 50 otherinteresting exhibitors.
    Thanks for this great information!

  2. […] usda is releasing new hardiness zones soon- so check out your area […]

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